SEC Warns About Bogus Operator

WASHINGTON (CN) – The SEC has issued an “Investor Alert” about a company that calls itself the “U.S. Securities and Equities Administration.” The company claims to operate out of Boston and operates a Web site in which it claims that, for money in advance, it can remove restrictions on stock or get people government money, the SEC says.

     The SEC said in its Alert: “In conversations with members of the public, the entity may have represented that its address is 225 Franklin Street, Boston, Massachusetts. The entity also claims to operate a website at It appears that this entity may be requesting up-front fees to remove purported restrictions on shares of stock that investors own, or to release funds purportedly being held by the U.S. government on investors’ behalf.
     Investors should beware that these entities are not United States government agencies and are not affiliated with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

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