Scrap-Metal Collector|Sues After Explosion

     ALLENTOWN, Pa. (CN) – A Pennsylvania scrap collector wants punitive damages after that job blew up in his face. Literally.
     Rene Rodriguez, of Allentown, filed a federal complaint Friday against Five Brothers Mortgage Company and Securing, claiming that the Michigan company stuck a garbage bag full of live ammunition from a foreclosed house curbside.
     Rodriguez says he took the bag home and tried melt its contents down on Nov. 14 for scrap.
     “Upon applying the heat, residue from the ammunition which covered the materials in the bag, exploded,” the complaint states.
     Rodriguez’s complaint says he was “shot by the multitudes of small metal fragments which were propelled from the explosion.”
     His injuries included loss of sight in his right eye, loss of hearing, “and multiple shrapnel wounds throughout his body causing permanent disfigurement, burns and other traumatic injury.”
     The complaint charges Five Brothers with negligently placing the rounds in a “dark opaque garbage bag” instead of a dumpster, and of failing to warn that the bag contained live rounds.
     It calls the company’s decision “ultrahazardous.”
     Five Brothers has not returned a call for comment made after business hours Friday.
     Rodriguez seeks damages for strict liability and negligence. He is represented by Michael van der Veen of solo practice.

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