School Football Gets Nasty

          SAN BERNARDINO (CN) – Parents of a high school football player in Fontana say the head coach defamed them to punish them for transferring their son to a rival school by calling the boy a “traitor” and his dad “a liar.”

     Parents David and Lois Dash say the Fontana Unified School District maliciously accused them of lying on their hardship transfer application and got their son barred from competitive sports for two years.
     The Dashes sued the school district, Fontana High School’s head football coach Lance Ozier and its athletic director Evelyn Vance.
     According to the complaint: “After the suspension, Lance Ozier bragged to his players, ‘This is what happens when you leave my team and transfer to a rival team. David Dash was never a true Fontana Steeler so fuck him, and we don’t have to worry about him this year.'”
     The complaint continues: “On or about March 19, 2008, Lance Ozier and Evelyn Vance falsely stated to the San Bernardino County Sun Newspaper that they had nothing to do with CIF declaring David Dash Jr. ineligible for two years, and that they never called CIF to complaint that plaintiffs had lied on their hardship application. Lance Ozier gave some of the football players a copy of the said newspaper and told them, ‘See what happens when you are a traitor and leave Fontana.’ Lance Ozier also told the players that ‘David Dash was a traitor and when you see him don’t speak with him and his dad is a liar.'”
     The Dashes demand punitive damages. They are represented in Superior Court by Christian Anyiam.

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