School District Not Liable for Ex-Teacher’s Abuses

     (CN) – An Illinois school district that allowed an elementary teacher to quietly resign after he sexually abused several students can’t be held liable for the molestation of a girl in another school district, the 7th Circuit ruled.

     The girl, “Jane Doe-2,” sued the McLean County School District, claiming it failed to sound the alarm after teacher Jon White preyed on several girls.
     White went on to teach in the Urbana School District, where he victimized the plaintiff, she claimed.
     She said McLean’s inaction amounted to “deliberate indifference” under Title IX, and “willful and wanton misconduct” under Illinois tort law.
     The district court dismissed the case, and a federal appellate panel in Chicago affirmed.
     “[A]t the time White abused Doe-2, the defendants lacked the requisite control over White to establish deliberate indifference liability under Title IX; they also owed no duty to Doe-2 enforceable under Illinois tort law,” Judge John Tinder wrote.

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