Saudi Prince Accused of Assaulting the Help

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – A Saudi prince arrested at his Beverly Hills mansion this week on suspicion of attempting to force a worker to perform oral sex has been sued by three female workers alleging sexual assault and false imprisonment.
     Authorities arrested Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud, 28, on Wednesday on allegations of forced copulation with an adult.
     The complaint filed on Friday afternoon in state court concerns incidents that occurred between Monday and Wednesday this week at the prince’s $37 million gated compound on Wallingford Drive.
     According to the 12-page lawsuit – which names Al-Saud and unidentified Does as defendants – the prince “engaged in extreme and outrageous conduct” by intentionally depriving the three women of their “freedom of movement by use of physical barriers, force, threats of force, menace, fraud, deceit, and unreasonable duress.”
     “Between Sept. 21, 2015 and Sept. 23, 2015, defendants unlawfully and intentionally assaulted and battered plaintiffs without plaintiffs’ consent,” the lawsuit states.
     The lawsuit also alleges discrimination based on the workers’ disabilities and gender.
     Police arrested Al-Saud after a caretaker at the property called the police, according to reports. A witness reportedly saw a bleeding woman screaming as she attempted to climb the estate’s surrounding wall.
     The prince was released on $300,000 bail on Thursday. Al-Saud will not be able to claim diplomatic immunity according to the Los Angeles Times, which first reported the story of the prince’s arrest.
     The three unidentified Jane Doe plaintiffs seek economic, noneconomic, exemplary and punitive damages, attorneys’ fees and costs.
     They are represented by Stanislav Pekler with the Tarzana, California firm Frish Law Group.

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