Sandusky Challenges Sex-Abuse Convictions

     (CN) – Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky appeared in court on Monday, asking a judge to throw out his conviction on child sex-abuse charges.
     Sandusky’s attorneys claim he was wrongly convicted and either want the charges thrown out in their entirely, or for the former coach to be granted a new trial.
     The Associated Press reports that both defense attorneys and prosecutors presented arguments today before Judge John Cleland in a in Cente County courtroom not far from Penn State’s State College campus.
     In 2012, Sandusky was sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison for the sexual abuse of 10 boys following tearful testimony from his victims. If his sentence stands, Sandusky, now 72, would be 98 at his earliest possible release date.
     The hour-long hearing involved several issues. Among them: a prosecutor’s statement at the close of trial that one of the 10 victims was known only to God, and whether prosecutors leaked news of the grand jury investigation.
     Sandusky attorney Al Lindsay asked Cleland to allow the disgraced coach’s legal team to interview a number of individuals about the investigation of the charges and the trial including the original attorney for the defense.
     Cleland gave no indication of how he will rule, but he did question whether state law even allows for the kind of inquiry Lindsay wants to conduct.
     The Associated Press contributed to this report

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