Sandman Says He Got the Brush-off

     BOSTON (CN) – A sand sculptor says Revere Beach gave him the brush-off after he organized an annual sand sculpting competition that became an enormous hit. Sean Fitzpatrick dba Fitzy Snowman Sculpting built an 11-ton sandcastle for the Revere Beach Partnership, whose “Celebrate Revere” festival soon “received national media attention and attracted 100,000 to 250,000 guests.”

     Fitzpatrick claims the Revere Beach Partnership told him his role in the event would be “long term” and that “his pay would increase upon the even becoming a more profitable venture.”
     He claims he pitched the idea after the inaugural “Celebrate Revere” festival in 2004, and then ran the festival until the defendants told him that “they were going in a different direction and would not be using [his] services anymore.”
     But Fitzpatrick says the marketing tools for the 2009 event still contain his photo and images without his authorization.
     Fitzpatrick sued Celebrity Marketing, Revere Beach Partnership and Meredith Corson of Sanding Ovations, alleging misrepresentation, interference and unjust enrichment. He is represented in Suffolk Superior Court by Marc Chapdelaine of Saugus, Mass.

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