San Diego Policeman Nicknamed “Corrupto” Helped Traffickers, Says Federal Prosecutor

     SAN DIEGO (CN) – As Mexico suffers from the power of drug traffickers, the same scourge has made an appearance in San Diego where a policeman was arrested last week and charged with passing sensitive data to drug-traffickers. “The drug-traffickers used ‘Corrupto’ as a nickname for Tapia in their communications,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney, Joseph Smith Jr.

     Juan Hurtado Tapia is accused of running criminal history checks for people involved in illegal drug trafficking, and of giving them sensitive information about ongoing drug investigations, which he obtained through his position in law enforcement.
     Tapia was discovered in May 2008, when agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the San Diego Police Department found that their targets were in communication with Tapia. They used court-authorized wiretaps to establish that he was passing sensitive information.
     The people who received the sensitive information from Tapia were arrested in July. Tapia himself awaits trial on September 16.
     Currently, Richard Boesen, the court appointed defense attorney from Boesen Richard J Attorneys at Law, is appointed to defend Tapia. Joseph Smith Jr., the Assistant U.S. Attorney, is representing the government.

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