Saks, Macy’s Sell Real Pelts as ‘Faux Fur,’ Animal Lovers Say

     DC (CN) – The Humane Society claims high end retailers use “racoon dog” to trim garments and call it “faux fur” to deceive animal-loving consumers.

     The Humane Society names Saks, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor, Dillard’s and Andrew Marc as defendants, saying they deceptively label goods made from “the wholly distinct species of raccoon dog – a member of the canine family. It claims the defendants make, market, distribute and sell the deceptively labeled goods as “faux fur,” knowing they are made from real fur.
     “Such actions not only mislead humane-conscious consumers into unknowingly purchasing real fur products but also further increase consumer confusion over the type and origin of fur that is used on garments,” according to the Superior Court complaint.
     The Humane Society demands an injunction and damages. It is represented by Rebecca Judd.

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