Sailor Waited Too Long

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The Court of Federal Claims ruled that it lacks jurisdiction to hear a male Navy Reserve member’s sexual harassment and retaliation claims from 1987.

     Antonio Gimblemat claims that during training, he was forced to call himself homosexual. He said that his treatment led to his discharge and dependence on drugs and alcohol.
     “Title VII provides for jurisdiction in the United States district courts, but not in the USCFC,” Judge Hewitt wrote.
     The judge found that district court would also not be the appropriate venue. Gimblemat would have to pursue his complaint in the military court system.
     Hewitt also noted that Gimblemat waited too long to pursue his legal remedies.
     “The statute of limitations for claims asserting wrongful discharge is six years from the date of discharge,” Hewitt wrote. “Over 20 years have passed since plaintiff was discharged from the Navy.”

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