Sad Saga Of FEMA Trailers Continues

     BATON ROUGE (CN) – In a coda to FEMA’s disastrous program supplying trainers to victims of Hurricane Katrina, a FEMA contractor is accused of stiffing a business for $372,100 for tearing down the trailers and getting rid of them.

     BrooksGreenblatt, of Baton Rouge, sued C. Martin Co., of California and Nevada.
     BrooksGreenblatt is a factoring company, that buys accounts and lends money on loans secured by accounts receivable and other collateral. It says it entered a contract with Superior Logistics, which had a contract with Department of Homeland Security contractor C. Martin, to tear down the FEMA trailers. Superior in turn let out the work to subcontractors. It claims Martin owes it $372,100, plus interest, for the work.
     After widespread accusations of incompetence after Hurricane Katrina, DHS and its FEMA creature faced numerous class actions from people who say they got sick from formaldehyde that leaked from plywood in the FEMA trailers.
     BrooksGreenblatt is represented in Federal Court by Alan Berteau with Kean Miller Hawthorne.

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