Sacramento County to Pay Tortured Boy $4 Million

     SACRAMENTO (CN) – A young man who was tortured and imprisoned for more than seven years as a child has settled with Sacramento County and its Child Protective Services for $4 million.
     The boy referenced as Kyle Doe in the complaint was imprisoned by a trio of adults in Tracy for over a year and escaped by jumping on a trampoline over a fence and running to his safety. Kyle’s lawsuit accused CPS of allowing him to stay with Caren Ramirez, who had no legal authority over him, because of a note allegedly submitted by his real mother.
     While under Ramirez’ watch, Kyle, now 22, was burned with bleach, shackled with chains and beaten with weapons almost daily. Kyle’s teachers submitted several reports to CPS regarding his abuse – including occasions where he arrived at school with missing teeth – but for nearly seven years he remained in Ramirez’s care.
     “This could be the biggest CPS settlement paid out in the state of California, which reveals just how poorly they handled Kyle’s tragic case,” said the young man’s attorney John Demas in a statement . “We can only hope this lawsuit will bring changes to CPS. Our fear is that there are other ‘Kyles’ out there, suffering abuse that no child should ever endure.”
     Ramirez was arrested in 2005 on suspicion that she abused Kyle’s half-brother, yet CPS allowed Kyle to remain in her care.
     Two years later, Ramirez was arrested again on abuse charges, and Kyle was finally moved into a children’s home.
     According to the complaint, Ramirez was allowed to have phone contact with Kyle while he was in the county children’s home and CPS allowed Kyle to leave with Ramirez after just a week. Shortly after, the two moved the San Joaquin County city of Tracy, into a home with two other adults who regularly chained him to a fireplace, forced him to drink liquor and treated his wounds with bleach.
     Following Kyle’s escape in 2008, Ramirez and three other adults were convicted and given between 30 and 34 year-sentences. Kyle spent 10 days in the hospital following his escape and underwent skin graft surgery, Demas said.
     In a statement, Kyle says he has no ill feelings toward his abusers and that his settlement is for other kids “who struggle just like me.”
     Kyle and Sacramento County settled July 8, after more than four years of litigation. Demas said the county tried to dodge responsibility for Kyle’s situation and tried to have the case thrown out on several occasions.
     At one point, Kyle and his attorneys offered to settle for $2 million, but the county refused.
     “The county did everything they could to win,” said Kyle’s aunt, Sydney Perry in a statement. “Justice was served for Kyle.”

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