S.C. Governor Goes Down Fighting

     COLUMBIA, S.C. (CN) – Gov. Mark Sanford can’t let it go. In a Monday letter requesting federal stimulus funds from the U.S. Secretary of Education, Sanford wrote, “First, it’s important to state one last time for the record what a monumentally terrible idea I believe the entire so-called stimulus act is, and why in particular utilizing this money as our General Assembly has done is ultimately going to cause more harm than good.”

     The South Carolina Supreme Court last week told Sanford he must request the federal money, as the Legislature directed. Sanford, in his June 8 letter to U.S. Secretary of Education Anne Duncan, claims that the stimulus plan is “borrowing from future generations who have no say in the matter,” which is tantamount “to the same ‘taxation without representation'” that led to the American Revolution.

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