Russian Business

     MANHATTAN – Three investors claim a long list of defendants defrauded them of “millions of dollars” through a “dizzying stream” of companies and hedge funds. Click headline to see the parties to the case.
     Tamara Starshinova, Marina Vasilyanskaya, and Rafail Tzentziper sued Thor United Corp. (USA), Thor United Corp. (Nevis), Thor Asset Management Inc., Thor Opti-Max LLC, Thor Real Estate Management LLC, Thor Capital LLC, Thor Futures LLC, Thor Optima Fund Ltd., Thor Opti-Max Fund Ltd., Thor Guarant Real Estate Fund Ltd. (BVI), Thor Realty Holdings LLC, Systematic Alpha Management LLC, Systematic Alpha Diversified Fund Ltd., Systematic Alpha Diversified Master Fund Ltd., Systematic Alpha Futures Fund Ltd., Systematic Alpha Futures Fund L.P., Systematic Alpha Futures LLC, Oleg Batratchenko, Peter Kambolin, and Alexei Chekhlov, in Federal Court.

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