Rude Airline Passenger|Is Denied Bond

HOUSTON (CN) – A Japanese man charged with putting his hand up a woman’s skirt and digitally penetrating her during a flight from Japan to Houston, and photographing her vagina, was denied bond by a federal magistrate judge.
     Federal agents arrested Mitsuaki Takahashi, 36, when his plane arrived in Houston on Aug. 21.
     Takahashi sat next to a 21-year-old woman during the flight and they struck up a conversation, according to a criminal complaint filed by FBI agent Doretta Sannino.
     The woman, identified as CY in the complaint, fell asleep and awoke when Takahashi put his hand on her arm and thigh, Sannino says.
     “He further placed his hand in her panties and penetrated her vagina,” the complaint states. “CY was scared and did not say anything. She moved her body to pull away. Takahashi waited and then repeated his actions, placing his hand down CY’s panties and again, causing digital penetration of her vagina.
     “CY tried to close her legs and Takahashi repeated the same action a third time. He apologized and she ignored him.”
     Takahashi then photographed her vagina with his cell phone, according to the complaint.
     CY got up and notified a flight attendant about the assault and was moved to another seat for the rest of the flight, Sannino says.
     Sannino says she interviewed Takahashi when he arrived in Houston and he told her through an interpreter that he is an engineer who was travelling to Mexico for work.
     He admitted he assaulted CY, Sannino says.
     “Takahashi stated he took a picture of CY in the bottom area underneath her panties,” the complaint states. “He showed her the photo. She cried and he thought he had done too much then. He deleted the photo.
     “When asked why he took the photo, Takahashi advised in Japan and Mexico, he takes photos like this with consenting prostitutes. Furthermore, he stated taking the photos of CY was gratifying to him because he humiliated her.”
     At a Wednesday hearing U.S. Magistrate Judge George Hanks found Takahashi a flight risk and denied him bail, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.
     If convicted of abusive sexual contact Takahashi faces up to two years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine.

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