Rough Crowd at Chiefs-Raiders Match

     KANSAS CITY, Mo. (CN) – Security for the Kansas City Chiefs showed little empathy toward an Oakland Raiders supporter after he was beaten up by a group of drunken Chiefs fans at the Arrowhead Stadium, a county court lawsuit claims.
     Clifford Trammell says four security officers did nothing to break up a melee during a Chiefs-Raiders game on Sept. 20, 2009. Trammell claims he lost four teeth and sustained other injuries when an unknown Chiefs fan kicked him from behind, causing him to land face-first into the next two rows of seats.
     While writing in pain on the ground, people began to fight on top of him, kicking and stomping him in the process.
     “Upon escaping from the pile Mr. Trammell was slammed to the ground by the security officers,” the complaint states.
     “When asked why he was being slammed to the ground after he had been attacked, he heard an unknown security officer say that is what you get for wearing that ‘Shit’ referring to his Oakland Raiders sports apparel.”
     Trammell said he was the only one ticketed for disturbing the peace by security officers, but the summons was later dismissed.
     “Kansas City Chiefs and its employees breached their duties to Mr. Trammell by failing to warn of the dangerous conditions within Arrowhead Stadium that fans would be consuming and[sic] alcohol and would be allowed to drink too much or become intoxicated, and that the Kansas City Chiefs were not willing nor able to protect and guarantee the safety of ticketholders from violent crime or physical harm,” the complaint states.
     Trammell seeks at least $25,000 in actual and punitive damages, alleging assault and battery, premises liability, and negligence. He is represented by Edward Stump.

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