Rome Enforces Ban on Sitting on Spanish Steps

ROME (AP) — The Spanish Steps in Rome are no longer a place for sitting.

A police officer asks a girl not to sit on the Spanish Steps, in Rome on Wednesday. Police started the enforcement of a law designed to protect monuments and landmarks and are forbidding people from sitting on the Spanish steps since they are considered a monument. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia)

Implementing an ordinance that came into effect a month ago, police officers are working Wednesday to tell seated Italians and tourists to get up from one of the Eternal City’s most famous and photographed spots.

The June 6 ordinance stipulated that sitting, eating or drinking on the UNESCO-protected steps can result in fines up to $450. The ordinance also applies to other protected places like the Trevi Fountain.

The city says it has been enforcing the new rules at the Spanish Steps since it went into effect a month ago, but it wasn’t until this week that police officers dressed in yellow vests were seen telling people to get up.

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