Romanian Court Orders Dead Man Get His Driving License Back

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — A Romanian court has ruled that a man who died last year should get his driver’s license back after it overturned a ban.

The court in the northern city of Iasi Thursday confirmed the ruling that Valerian Vasiliu should have his license returned and be reimbursed a fine he paid for speeding.

Vasiliu was fined and temporarily lost his license in March 2017, but appealed the punishment in court and won an interim ruling.

He died in October, before the ruling was final. Police nevertheless appealed, but this month lost their appeal.

Local lawyer Gianina Porosnicu, in comments to the Mediafax agency, blamed “a legal void.”

In an almost opposite situation last week, a Romanian man who had been officially declared dead lost his bid to have his death certificate canceled.

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