Rocker Richie Sambora|Claims Ex Extorted Him

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Former Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora sued his ex-girlfriend, claiming she extorted and defamed him by giving police a fake telephone recording threatening to kill her.
     Sambora sued Nikki Lund and her agent Sean Borg in Superior Court on Friday, alleging extortion, fraud, defamation and illegal recording.
     “Lund was a phony who was looking to bleed Sambora,” the lawsuit states. “When she did not get her way, she readily betrayed him, falsely accusing him of wrongdoing – when the only wrong move Sambora made was to trust Lund and allow her to dupe and take such deep advantage of him.”
     Sambora, guitarist for Bon Jovi until 2013, co-wrote most of the band’s songs with Jon Bon Jovi. He was married to actress Heather Locklear for 13 years before he met Lund.
     Lund then was engaged to Hawaiian surfer (nonparty) Maikai Makena. Lund ditched Makena for Sambora and filed a restraining order against Makena accusing him of threatening her life, Sambora says in the lawsuit.
     He claims that Lund told him she needed $50,000 to make Makena “go away.” He handed over the money, and then the real bilking began, Sambora claims.
     He says Lund persuaded him to invest $4 million in her company White Trash Beautiful by falsely presenting herself as a successful fashion designer who was worth $20 million.
     In reality, Sambora says, Lund was broke, and her only fashion experience was a short internship from which she had been fired. He claims that Lund ran her business into the ground and used it as her personal piggy bank.
     Things turned nasty when he decided to walk away from Lund and White Trash Beautiful, Sambora says. He claims that Lund “embarked on a vengeful campaign against him,” threatened to sue him and accused him of “horrific and false acts,” to try to extort him into coughing up more money.
     Lund publicly claimed in January that Sambora “had gone missing due to an alcohol binge,” though she knew he was merely on vacation in Hawaii, according to the lawsuit.
     Sambora claims Lund tried to ruin his reputation with his fans and sent him pornographic photos of herself to try to seduce him into handing over more money.
     When that failed, he says, Lund went to police with a fake phone recording that she claimed showed him threatening her life.
     He claims that Lund “altered certain tape recordings she had illegally made of Sambora to shop to the police and media outlets (for money) to portray Sambora as a threat to her.” (Parentheses in complaint.)
     “Lund knowingly filed false complaints with the police against Sambora on two occasions, both of which complaints were rejected as not credible by the authorities,” the lawsuit states.
     Sambora claims Lund also stole his jewelry, watches and even his daughter’s clothes.
     “When Lund’s gravy train ended,” she enlisted Borg’s help, Sambora says.
     He claims that Borg conspired with Lund to file civil and criminal charges against him, and that they had third parties threaten to sue him if he refused to pay Lund’s alleged debts, which Sambora says he has no obligation to pay.
     Borg also defamed him to the media, Sambora claims.
     He demands punitive damages. His attorneys, with Mitchell, Silberberg & Knupp declined to comment.
     Representatives for White Trash Beautiful did not respond to a request for comment.

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