Rockefeller Foundation Says Cheaters Took $421,000 For ‘Charity’

    MANHATTAN (CN) – Cheryl McEwan defrauded The Rockefeller Foundation of $421,000 in a conspiracy she led with her husband, Anthony McEwan, the Foundation claims in Federal Court. It also sues four other people for restitution, interest and fees.
Cheryl McEwan worked for the Foundation for 15 years and defrauded its charitable gift matching program by forming a bogus 501(c)(3) charity, The Urban Alternative. She is serving 3 to 10 years in prison; her husband is serving 2 to 6 years, and defendant
Frank Melli is serving probation for falsifying business records at his so-called charity, Green Sphere. They allegedly shared the ill-gotten gains with employee-defendants Paul Shusterman, Lisa Baker and Lacho Terrazas. Under the charitable matching program, the Rockefeller Foundation matches employees’ charitable gifts 3 to 1.

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