Riot Gear for 911 Call on Attempted Suicide

     (CN) — In full riot gear, police officers responding to a reported suicide attempt broke down the door of an Illinois house and used a stun gun twice on the resident, he claims in a federal complaint.
     The altercation occurred this past St. Patrick’s Day, according to the compaint filed July 12 in Chicago.
     Ruben Theory says Berwyn police officers had their weapons drawn when they entered his back porch on March 17 at 1905 S. Clarence Ave.
     Theory denies having called 911, denied having attempted suicide and said no one else in the house needed police assistance.
     Officers allegedly used a Taser on Theory when he refused to let them search his home, causing Theory to lose consciousness.
     Theory says he came to when the officers put handcuffs on him, and that an officer Tasered him again “while he was handcuffed and laying on the ground.”
     Though the search did not turn up any illegal weapons, according to the complaint, Theory says he spent the six days “against his will” at MacNeal Hospital.
     Theory emphasizes that he had no history of mental illness, was not engaged in self-destructive behavior, did not resist arrest, did not have a weapon, did not threaten any officers, and did not harm any officers.
     He is represented by Abby Bakos with Shiller Preyar Law Offices.

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