RICO Conspiracy Alleged In Knitting Yarn

     PHILADELPHIA (CN) – Three companies and their bosses are accused of running a racketeering conspiracy in knitting yarn, in a 60-page federal RICO complaint that includes accusations of “perfidious business practices” and a “conspiracy to cover up the Cashmerino Caper.”

     The Knit With, a customer of Knitting Fever, claims Knitting Fever conspired with the other defendants “to introduce to and distribute in the commerce of the United States mislabeled handknitting yarns or the scheme to cover up that illegal activity, resulting in injury to plaintiff’s business.
     The Knit With sued Knitting Fever, Designer Yarns Ltd., and Filatura Pettinaya V.V.G. Di Stefano Vaccari & Co., of Italy, and Sion Elalouf, Diane Elalouf, Jeffrey Denecke Jr., Jay Opperman, and Debbie Bliss.
     In the Cashmerino Caper, the defendants allegedly misrepresented the quality of cashmerino, a blend “purportedly” of 55% wool, 33% microfiber and 12% cashmere.
     Plaintiff is represented by James Casale of Chestnut Hill.

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