Richard Dreyfuss Sues Dad & Uncle

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Richard Dreyfuss sued his father and uncle in Superior Court, claiming he loaned them $870,000 in 1984, and they owe him the money, plus interest and punitive damages. The actor also sued 311 S. Spring St. Co., a 13-story office building owned or partly owned by his father, Norman, and uncle, Gilbert, a Los Angeles attorney.

     Richard Dreyfuss claims he loaned the defendants the money in 1984 “to help his family in their times of financial need.” He claims the terms of the loan, at 1.5% annual interest, gave him a 29% interest in the office building. All told, he says, his dad and uncle owe him $1.2 million. He claims the defendants forced him to sue by refusing to provide him with documents about the loan, or the building.
     Richard Dreyfuss is represented by Robert Muller.

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