Reporting for Duty, Donald Trump Jr. Passed Over for Jury Trial

Donald Trump, Jr. leaves Manhattan Supreme Court during a lunch break when he was summoned for jury duty on Feb. 28, 2018. Trump was among the prospective jurors for an attempted robbery case, but didn’t get picked to serve. (Jefferson Siegel/New York Daily News via AP)

MANHATTAN (CN) — A New York judge joked with Donald Trump Jr. about his profession after the president’s son reported for jury duty.

As reported Wednesday by the New York Daily News, Trump Jr. was among the prospective jurors for an attempted-robbery case in Manhattan Supreme Court.

“Dare I ask what kind of work you’re doing these days,” Justice Michael Obus asked while going through biographical information with the president’s eldest son.

“You can probably read about it — mostly real estate,” Trump Jr. replied, laughing.

A 40-year-old father of five, Trump and his brother Eric have been running the family’s real estate business since their father’s election.

The Daily News reported that Trump was flanked at the courthouse by Secret Service agents and court officers. Wearing tan corduroy pants and a grey sweater, Trump bantered with other prospective jurors and ordered chicken parmigiana for lunch at a neighborhood restaurant.

Trump made it through two rounds of voir dire but ultimately was not picked for the case.

The Daily News reported that another presidential child, Caroline Kennedy, who lives on the Upper East Side, was on the 2013 jury that helped acquit an accused crack dealer in the same courthouse.

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