Reporter Says Express-News Defamed Him|With False Accusations Of Plagiarism

     SAN ANTONIO (CN) – The San Antonio Express-News fired and defamed a longtime reporter on false accusations of plagiarism, Harry Page claims in Bexar County Court.

     Page claims that after he refused to participate in a “voluntary separation program” in October 2007, the Express-News concocted false plagiarism charges, and published them, to dump him.
     He claims the newspaper, and three of its top editors, defamed him by publishing, falsely, that he “confirmed he had plagiarized.”
     Page says he did not plagiarize. The allegedly plagiarized items were five items in a blog; Page says all of them “included attribution to the original sources.”
     Page says the accusations are false, defamatory and will make it virtually impossible for him to find work elsewhere in journalism. He also sued Hearst Newspaper, the parent chain.
     He is represented by Darryl Carter with Glickman Hughes.
     (The complaint made available to Courthouse News ends at page 4; CNS will post a link to the complete complaint when it becomes available.)

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