Real Estate

     National Real Estate Investors and other linked entities ran a real-estate based securities fraud Ponzi scheme, according to a complaint in Utah County Court, Provo. Click ‘Commerce’ heading to see the defendants.

     Here are the defendants in the alleged real estate Ponzi scheme: National Real Estate Investors LC ITN LC; National Training Institute LC ITN LC; Real Estate Investor Support LLC; Professional Support Services LC SSP LC; Tim I LC; American Financial Celebrities LC; Net Marketing Alliance LC; AMN I LLC; CT Corporation; RE Success Group LLC; Ryan Eagar; Kim Eagar; Mitchell Huhem; Hollis Hunt; James Smith; Loree Smith; Aaron Osmond; Roger Williams; Annaliese Gepkins Williams; Tom Swenson; Dan Heaton; Gilbert Medina; Nathan A. DeHunty; and Gary Adams.

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