Ray Charles’ Son Sues Dad’s Manager

LOS ANGELES (CN) – One of Ray Charles’ sons says his late father’s manager abused his authority by refusing to release trust funds to pay for court-ordered rehab, forcing the son to sell the manager his 40 percent interest in a family-owned production company.

     Ray Charles Robinson Jr. claims in Superior Court that Joe Adams lied about being unable to release money from the Ray Charles Robinson Jr. Trust to pay for drug rehab in 2005. He says Adams was sole trustee of the Trust.
     Adams allegedly told Robinson to sell him his 40 percent interest in family-owned RCR Productions, to protect Robinson while he faced drug possession charges.
     Robinson says that when the contract was executed he “lacked the competence or capacity to enter into a legally binding contract.”
     He says there was more than $250,000 in the Trust and he needed only $10,000 to cover rehab costs.
     “Adams’ true motive in coercing (Robinson) was to seize control and ownership of RCR for Adam’s own benefit and profit,” according to the complaint.
     In June 2007, Robinson says he learned there was no need for him to transfer his RCR interest to protect his rights.
     He seeks damages for fraud, deceit, breach of duty, and unfair business practices. He is represented by Marc Toberoff.

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