Rapper Sued Over Telephone Recording

     A Georgia woman is suing rapper Jermaine Dupri in Federal Court for using their profanity-laden telephone conversation on Dupri’s album “So So Gangsta,” to her “embarrassment, humiliation and degradation.”

      Dupri, named as Jermaine Dupri Mauldin in the complaint, allowed a recorded conversation between Aika Kendrick, the plaintiff, and Daz Dillinger, an artist on the label, to be used on Dillinger’s album without her permission. During the conversation, Daz Dillinger, who is also known as Delmar Arnaud, used “profanity and obscenities” directed toward Kendrick. The conversation was included in the song, “The One,” on the album “So So Gangsta.” Although Kendrick requested that her voice not be used on the album, the album was released in 2006, causing the plaintiff to be the “subject of embarrassment, humiliation and degradation.”
     Kendrick is represented by Pamela Gordan.

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