Radio, Radio

     I’m a big fan of right wing radio, and right wing pundits in general. Not because I agree with anything being said; I actually vehemently disagree with the substance of most of the opinions expressed. It’s just extremely funny stuff to listen to.
     Underneath the comedy though is a terrifying reality. Millions of people in this country actually agree with these people and their opinions. Most of them are seemingly intelligent individuals. I have a friend who has Ann Coulter books, and I’m pretty sure my best friend has a Glenn Beck book, though I’ve never actually seen one in his house.
     The things these people say are asinine, to say the least. Ann Coulter is easy to dismiss. It’s pretty obvious she’s either a straight out lunatic or has figured out she can bank a lot of money making outrageous statements that have no basis in fact. So when she says or writes something like “liberal soccer moms are precisely as likely to receive anthrax in the mail as to develop a capacity for linear thinking,” it’s exactly like the monkeys at your local zoo doing something disturbingly funny just for attention.
     Glenn Beck is routinely making idiotic claims, such as comparing Al Gore to Adolf Hitler, or claiming or insinuating that Obama is either a racist or refuses to meet with BP CEO Tony Hunter because he’s white. Glenn Beck is also a mean-spirited little f*!#% who has claimed he would personally choke Michael Moore for $50 million and stated the only Katrina victims that people saw on television were “the scumbags.”
     Sean Hannity is in a league all his own. This is a man who has all but tattooed a full body American flag on his skin, and routinely greets callers with “you’re a great American.” How he knows this about Susan from Des Moines or Jack from Atlanta is beyond me.
     It’s not that these people are making money hand over fist that angers me. It’s the fact that they play on their listeners’ fears that get me upset. So when Glenn Beck says something like “the worst is still ahead of us,” he’s doing it only so he can make further idiotic claims for a steady paycheck.
     What angers me the most though are the idiots who buy this drivel hook, line, and sinker. I understand why poll tests are unconstitutional, but sometimes I wish they were legal because I fully believe that half of these morons would be barred from voting.
     I’m not trying to claim that dunces only exist on the right. Far from it. And I don’t disagree with everything said by these people. I actually agree with some of the things said. But when one of these talking heads either makes a statement that is not supported by any evidence or willingly takes something out of context to stir up their listeners, it makes me wonder about the people who agree.
     I listen whenever I can though. Although not exactly a George Carlin or Bill Hicks album, these pundits are always good for a laugh. Especially when they say the words “let’s go to the phones.”

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