Radio Frequencies

     WASHINGTON (CN) – No one may file for a license to operate on 700 MHz Band radio frequencies after Feb. 17, the end of the Digital TV transition, according to a new Federal Communications Commission regulation.
The agency also will not grant requests for equipment authorization of wireless microphones, cue and control communications, synchronization of TV camera signals or other low power auxiliary devices that would operate in that range.
     This is a move to prevent interference of public safety and commercial wireless services that operate in the band, which is from 698 to 806 megahertz.
     The FCC also has “tentatively concluded” that it will not allow anyone to operate in the 700 MHz Band after the transition, other than public safety and commercial wireless services, even if the FCC has already authorized it. The Commission also plans to prohibit manufacture and sale of devices that operate as low power auxiliary stations in the 700 MHz Band. Comments on the FCC’s planned rules are due by Oct. 3.     
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