Qualcomm Wins Back a Portion of Patent Rights

     (CN) – The Federal Circuit upheld a ruling against Qualcomm in the company’s latest patent dispute with Broadcom, but vacated a portion of the decision that stopped Qualcomm from enforcing its patents worldwide.

     Qualcomm had accused Broadcom of infringing its patented video-compression technology, used to deliver videos over cell phones.
     Broadcom argued that Qualcomm had waived its right to assert its patents by failing to disclose them to a standards-setting body.
     The district court ruled for Broadcom, and the circuit agreed that Qualcomm had breached its duty to disclose the patents.
     But Judge Prost said the scope of the unenforceability judgment “as applying to the world was too broad.” The ruling was sent back to lower courts to limit its scope.

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