Public to Review Rare Species Breeding Projects

     WASHINGTON (CN) – To conduct activities otherwise prohibited by the Endangered Species Act, breeders of non-native endangered species must submit to public notice and comment, according to new U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service rules.
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     Under the USFWS’s captive-bred wildlife regulations, breeders can receive permits to import, export, trade, and exhibit endangered species, if those activities are related to scientific research or propagation and survival of the species.
     Only activities related to non-native species bred in the United States are covered under the captive-bred regulations.
     Under the new rules, breeders would register with the USFWS, and their registration application and permit requests would be subject to public review to help the USFWS determine if the proposed activities would benefit the species.
     Captive-bred regulations became controversial when animal rights activists successfully challenged blanket exemptions the USFWS gave to breeders of captive-bred endangered gazelles to allow hunting of the species to raise money for their conservation.

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