Prosecutors Release List of Problem Cops to Keep Off Stand

A Philadelphia Police Department squad car. (Photo credit: Zuzu/Wikipedia)

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The Philadelphia district attorney’s office has released a list of current and former police officers whom prosecutors have tried to keep off the witness stand because of a wide range of wrongdoing, including lying, racial bias and brutality.

The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News obtained the list that was released to the city’s defender association.

The newspapers say the names of 29 officers were included among a roster of 66 provided to the Philadelphia Defender Association. The list was in two groups: 29 officers whose serious misconduct rendered them problematic as witnesses and 37 others whose offenses were less serious. Those 37 could still testify but their legal issues had to be shared with defense attorneys.

Prosecutors say the 29 former and current officers’ wrongdoing often led to criminal charges.

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