Prosecutors Freeze Tom Petters’ Assets

     CHICAGO (CN) – Federal prosecutors demand a restraining order to prevent Tom Petters and Petters Group Worldwide from transferring any assets from their alleged $3 billion Ponzi scheme.

     Petters already faces numerous claims for millions of dollars from people and businesses that say he gulled them in a multi-year Ponzi scheme based on false invoices for electronic goods he allegedly, but not actually, supplied to wholesale clubs.
     Here are the defendants: Tom Joseph Petters, Petters Co. Inc., Petters Group Worldwide LLC, Deanna Coleman aka Deanna Munson, Robert White, James Wehmhoff, Larry Reynolds dba Nationwide International Resources aka NIR, Michael Catain dba Enchanted Family Buying Co., Frank E. Vennes Jr. dba Metro Gem Finance, Metro Gem Inc., Grace Offerings of Florida LLC, Metro Property Financing LLC, 38 E. Robinson LLC, 55 E. Pine LLC, Orlando Rental Pool LLC, 100 Pine St. Property LLC, Orange St. Tower LLC, Cornerstone Rental Pool LLC, 2 S. Orange Ave. LLC, Hope Commons LLC, and Metro Gold Inc.

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