Prosecutors File Information Papers on Madoff

     MANHATTAN (CN) – The U.S. Attorney has filed an 11-felony information document against Bernard Madoff, who is expected to plead guilty to the charges. “From at least the 1980s, Madoff perpetrated a scheme to defraud clients by soliciting billions of dollars of funds under false pretenses, failing to invest investors’ funds as promised, and misappropriating and converting investors’ funds to Madoff’s own benefit,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office said in a press release accompanying the filing.

     The New York Times is reporting that Madoff has agreed to plead guilty to the charges.
     From the U.S. Attorney’s office, a five-attorney team is handling the matter, made up of AUSAs Mark Litt, Lisa Baroni, William Stellmach, Barbara Ward and Sharon Phrase.

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