Prosecutor Puts His|Football Training to Use

     PEORIA, Ill. (CN) – A former college football player who became a prosecutor tackled a convict who escaped from a courtroom where he had just been sentenced to two years in prison.
     Seth Uphoff, formerly a defensive back at Eureka College, chased down 22-year-old Gyrune Linwood and tackled him from behind, The (Peoria) Journal Star reported. Linwood had just been sentenced for aggravated use of a weapon and was running down the hallway of the Peoria County Courthouse after getting past a bailiff and an officer.
     Linwood fired an AK-47-style assault rifle into the air to scare people in July 2011.
     After Uphoff made the tackle, an officer arrived and subdued Linwood with a stun gun, The Journal Star reported.

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