Producer Sues over Harold Robbins Movies

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Cimero Enterprises and Matt Cimber misappropriated production funds for the movies “Never Enough” and “Devil to Pay,” based on the literary works of Harold Robbins, and blew the money on personal expenses, according to a lawsuit in Superior Court.

     Six Horseshoes Productions claims it bought the movie rights from the deceased author’s wife, Jan Robbins, and her affiliated companies, Harold Robbins Properties and Harold Robbins Media.
     A condition of the agreement required Six Horseshoes to appoint Cimber to direct “Never Enough.”
     Lynn Fero, as vice president at CBS Television Production, allegedly assured the plaintiff that she would get CBS to distribute the Harold Robbins films.
     Six Horseshoes says it sent Cimber and Cimero Enterprises $15,000 to get started on the films, but that the defendants spent it all, with nothing to show for it. The plaintiff claims Cimber did not even provide a breakdown script.
     The alleged breaches of contract brought production to a halt, but the defendants purportedly had no interest in repairing the damage.
     Six Horseshoes claims Cimber and Fero have known Robbins “for a lengthy period of time and have orchestrated similar dealings with other film producers before in a common scheme to deprive film producers out of money.”
     The plot was costly, the plaintiff claims, as it had already sunk more than $100,000 into development and production.
     It wants the defendants to pay at least $1 million, plus punitive damages. The filing firm is Johnson & Johnson LLP.

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