Producer Says Casey Affleck Sexually Harassed Her

LOS ANGELES (CN) – Director Casey Affleck, Ben Affleck’s brother, sexually harassed a female producer by telling a male crew member to show her his penis, discussing his sexual exploits, and locking himself and actor Joaquin Phoenix inside her bedroom while they had sex with other women, Amanda White claims in Superior Court.

     When White objected, she says Affleck retaliated by refusing to pay her her wages or the $50,000 producer’s fee she expected to get for her work on the documentary “I’m Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix,” which focuses on the actor’s efforts to recast himself as a rapper.
     While she worked on the project in 2008, White says she was subjected to “repeated incidents of offensive conduct” based on her gender.
     Affleck allegedly called women “cows” and, after learning White’s age, asked, “Isn’t it about time you get pregnant?”
     White says Affleck “inappropriately suggested” that she and a crew member have a baby together.
     Affleck also tried to “manipulate” her into staying in his hotel room in Costa Rica and “grabbed her in a hostile manner” when she resisted, she claims.
     While filming in Las Vegas, Affleck purportedly told White that he wanted to shoot at the Palazzo Hotel, where Phoenix had performed his rap gig. White, the director of photography, Magdalena Gorka, and the “nearly all-male crew” allegedly headed to the hotel suite that evening. There were about 35 people in the suite, iaccording to the lawsuit, including “several prostitutes” and male transvestites. White says the shoot had nothing to do with the project, and Affleck had “orchestrated the shoot in the hotel for his personal gratification.”
     “At one point, one of the male crew members commented inappropriately that Gorka should have ‘played the part’ of the transvestite prostitutes,” White claims.
     She says she “only endured the harassment as long as she did because she needed the work.”
     Parts of the documentary were filmed in New York and Costa Rica. During the flight to Costa Rica, Affleck allegedly forced White to see his friend and camera assistant Antony Langdon’s penis, despite her objections.
     Langdon also made unwanted sexual advances toward Gorka, such as referring to the size of his penis, asking Gorka out on dates and discussing sexually explicit conduct.
     White says Affleck “made no attempt to curtail Langdon’s harassing conduct” and instead “exacerbated the harassment.”
     “Affleck appeared to enjoy the fact that Langdon’s behavior made Gorka and Plaintiff feel uncomfortable,” White claims.
     She says Affleck and Flemmy Productions have yet to pay her for her work, despite having confirmed via email that her work was “awesome” and that she was “fantastically thorough and creative and good-tempered” throughout production.
     White claims she was forced to stop working for Affleck around April 1, 2009, and the hostile work environment caused her to suffer “anxiety, loss of sleep and aggravation of a pre-existing health condition.”
     She demands more than $2 million for the unpaid wages, producer’s fees and screen credit she says she earned.
     She is represented by Brian Procel with Miller Barondess.

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