Process Server Says|’The Game’ Assaulted Him

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Hip-hop artist The Game assaulted a cameraman and a process server delivering him papers regarding a previous alleged assault, then fled in his Rolls Royce, the men claim in court.
     Justin Willard and Vincent Manso sued Jayceon Taylor pka The Game on Tuesday in Superior Court.
     Manso, the process server, claims a “very angry” Taylor chased down them down as they served him a summons and complaint on April 11 outside his gated home in Calabasas.
     Manso says the summons involved a lawsuit that claims the rapper sucker-punched a man during a basketball game in March.
     According to the new lawsuit: “After the defendant realized the plaintiffs were at the residence to serve him with court documents, he threatened the plaintiffs’ lives and demanded the camera as he began advancing towards the plaintiffs.”
     They claim that “due to his reputation as a rapper and gang member,” they “reasonably believed” that Taylor had “the capacity to carry out his threats.”
     Willard filmed Manso serving the papers. They say Taylor, 35, is 6-foot-4 and 200 lbs. Manso, 63, 5-foot-6 and 160 pounds, says he “was so terrified of the defendant charging his way that he sprinted in the other direction to run for cover and lock himself in his car.”
     Manso says he dropped the papers on Taylor’s driveway before fleeing, and that Taylor pursued Willard: 24, 5-foot-7 and 140 lbs.
     Taylor shoved Willard down an embankment, “got on top of him, threatened his life with a closed fist in a punching position,” and took his $3,000 Sony digital camera, the men claim.
     They say Taylor then drove away in a black and silver Rolls Royce Phantom to perform at the Coachella music festival.
     Willard says he never got his camera back. He claims he also suffered severe neck, back and head trauma, and “great emotional pain and suffering,” from the “complete manhandling.”
     Manso claims he was “severely” hurt in his health, strength and activity.
     The plaintiffs claim Taylor’s past is “littered” with criminal convictions and alleged misconduct.
     He was charged with second-degree assault in 2005, and with felony firearms violations in 2007, the complaint states.
     Rapper Big Bad 40 sued Taylor in 2012, claiming he edited a YouTube video to make it look like he’d won a smackdown, though they were surrounded by Taylor’s armed clique.
     Taylor’s career has flourished as a protégé of hip hop legend Dr. Dre. His album “The Documentary” went double platinum in 2005, and has sold over 5 million copies.
     Taylor’s management and the plaintiffs’ attorneys did not respond to requests for comment.
     The plaintiffs seek punitive fees for assault, battery, negligence, emotional distress and conversion.
     They are represented by Philip Layfield with Layfield & Wallace, of Irvine.

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