Probation for Lying About Oil Spill

     ST. LOUIS (CN) – Two employees of American River Transportation Co. were sentenced to a year of probation and 25 hours of community service for violating the Clean Water Act.

     Justin Baker, 60, of Dexter, Mo., and Steve Keilwitz, 51, of Sappington, Mo., pleaded guilty in April to one felony count of making a false statement to emergency responders.
     On June 19, 2007, Baker, an American River terminal manager, reported oil in a cove of the Mississippi River next to American River property. Both Baker and Keilwitz, an American River maintenance supervisor, denied knowing the source of the oil, though they both knew it had come from American River.
     Prosecutors say that between April 2004 and June 19, 2007 American River discharged wastewater with oil and grease above its permit limits into the Metropolitan Sewer District and ultimately into the Mississippi River and directly discharged other pollutants directly into the river.
     American River pleaded guilty in April to knowingly violating the Clean Water Act and paid a $3 million fine. Baker has retired, but Keilwitz is still employed by American River.

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