Prince Owes $50K in|Legal Fees, Firm Says

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Pop artist Prince owes his lawyers nearly $50,000, McPherson Rane claims in Superior Court. The firm says “His Royal Badness” hired it to defend him in two lawsuits, but never paid the bill.

     McPherson says it “vigorously” defended Prince Roger Nelson in a lawsuit filed by his former agent, Vigliano Associates, which accused the artist of failing to pay commission on a book deal.
     The firm claims it not only represented Prince in that case, but also “aggressively” prosecuted a labor proceeding challenging the validity of Prince’s agreement with his former agent.
     The firm says it won Prince a settlement in the Vigliano case.
     It was then hired for a second lawsuit involving “alleged fraud by Prince’s former attorney in connection with a real estate transaction,” McPherson Rane claims.
     The firm says it “performed legal services on Defendants’ behalf in an exemplary manner,” adding that “every single charge … was both reasonable and necessary.”
     Prince has allegedly failed to pay his legal tab, despite the firm’s “countless attempts” to collect the money.
     Prince and his companies have cut off communication with the firm, according to the lawsuit.
     Law partners Edwin McPherson and Tracy Rane demand $49,987 plus the maximum interest from Prince, Paisley Park Enterprises and NPG Records.

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