Price Gouging Alleged During Hurricane Ike

     RALEIGH (CN) – North Carolina accuses the owner of a BP gas station of price gouging during Hurricane Ike – raising prices for regular unleaded from $3.69 per gallon to $5.99 after the governor issued an emergency order prohibiting it.

     The state sued Steve Compton dba Tire Pro dba Troy BP. It claims Compton raised his prices from $3.56 per gallon on Sept. 11 to $3.69 on Sept. 12. After Gov. Mike Easley declared a state of abnormal disruption on Sept. 12, prohibiting gouging, Compton goosed his prices to $5.99, the state says. It says Compton has not cooperated with its investigation.
     The state demands a $5,000 fine for each violation, in Wake County Court.

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