Pregnant Servers Say Casino Discriminates

     PHILADELPHIA (CN) – A pair of Pennsylvania women are claiming pregnancy discrimination in connection with a casino’s alleged policy of transferring pregnant cocktail servers “once their uniforms no longer fit.”
     Alycia Campiglia and Christina Aicher say they worked as cocktail servers, or Parkettes, for Parx Casino, just outside Philadelphia, and that when they became pregnant, they were told that a “maternity uniform” was out of the question.
     “You can only continue to work as a cocktail server up until there is no costume left to fit you” and “You are not allowed to alter the uniform,” a human resources manager told one of them, according to a federal suit filed Thursday in Philadelphia.
     The women’s only option was a demotion to a “concession stand” position, their lawsuit says.
     At least one of them was pressed to leave due to “intolerable working conditions and discrimination,” according to the suit.
     Both are represented by Sidney Gold in Philadelphia.
     Parx did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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