Preening Himself|in Blood

     Has he no shame? At long last, has he no shame at all?
     Donald Trump used the murder of 49 people to congratulate himself — to preen himself in blood.
     “Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism,” he sent to the 9 million followers he claims for his Twitter account.
     He said that President Obama should resign, and Hillary Clinton should drop out of the race for president, because they did not use the words “Islamic terrorism” in the immediate aftermath of the slaughter at a gay nightclub in Orlando.
     This is unspeakably vile.
     The bodies weren’t even cold yet when Trump tromped over them, stumping for votes.
     This was a mass murder of homosexual people.
     Most of the dead and wounded are Latino.
     This was not just a hate crime, it was a self-hate crime, by a man ashamed of his own natural urges.
     It’s not clear at all that the simple-minded U.S.-born son of a bitch who committed the murders had anything to do with Islamic terrorism.
     Anyone can “pledge allegiance” to anything.
     I pledge allegiance to parrots.
     No one, not the FBI nor Homeland Security, has said that the killer had any ties to Muslim terrorists.
     He was a pathetic wife abuser, and he murdered 49 people, most of whom were gay. That’s the story.
     The story is not about Islamic terror, and it sure as hell is not about Donald Trump.
     To this day that man has not mentioned that this was a mass murder of homosexuals and Latinos. They won’t vote for him anyway, so screw ’em.
     I hate to give this demented, fascist airhead any more ink than he’s already got, but Trump posted on his campaign website: “If we do not get tough and smart real fast, we are not going to have a country anymore.”
     Random mass murders will destroy the United States?
     Then why haven’t we been destroyed already?
     Trump today is our country’s foremost aider and abettor of Islamic terrorism. He glorifies Islamic terror in pursuit of his own glory.
     People who commit mass murder at random in nightclubs and rock concerts are no threat to national governments. They are vicious fools, as deluded as Trump, who doesn’t seem to have much faith in our country or our Constitution.
     Trump said the Orlando tragedy happened “because our leaders are weak.” He added: “I said this was going to happen.”
     Wow! The Donald predicted that a mass murder would happen somewhere, sometime, in the United States. I guess we have no choice to vote for a witch like that. Excuse me, a warlock.
     But this despicable man, the Republican Party’s all-but-anointed candidate for president, is not the only bad guy here.
     With the blood still warm in Orlando, Michael Oren, Israel’s former ambassador to the United States, said: “If I were Trump, I’d emphasize the Muslim name, Omar Saddiqui Mateen. This changes [the presidential] race,” according to The New York Times.
     Thanks a lot, Ambassador. We’re all looking forward to your country’s interference in our presidential election.
     Also Sunday, as the blood congealed, Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, who has fought gay rights every step of the way, sent out this Tweet: “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.”
     Then Patrick, an evangelical Christian Republican and right-wing radio talk show host, deleted the tweet.
     Wouldn’t want to cost yourself a few votes, would you, Sir?
     Patrick’s office said the statement had been “scheduled for release” before the massacre.
     Well, then. I guess the only question that remains is what the hell the lieutenant governor meant by it in the first place?
     Religious freedom, brotherhood and vengeance?
     It took a star traveler to get this story right.
     George Takei, Mr. Sulu on “Star Trek,” who declared his sexuality in 2005, and who has 1 million more followers on Facebook than Trump claims for his tweets, called Lt. Gov. Patrick “a disgrace to your state in this time of national sorrow.”
     Good for you, Mr. Sulu. Live long and prosper.

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