Preacher’s Son Abused Girls, Families Claim

     DALLAS (CN) – Two young women say in court that as children they endured “horrific, multiple sexual assaults” by a Baptist minister who was the son of their church pastor.
     Neither alleged victim is named in the complaint, but the chronology puts their current ages at around 17 and 20.
     C.D., who is still a minor, sued through her parents, A.D. and B.D. She was allegedly 4 when the abuse began in 1998. E.F., now an adult, says her abuse started at the age of 6.
     Both girls say they and and their families were members of the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church of Franklin, Texas, run by the Rev. Carl Whitworth.
     The pastor’s son, Michael Whitworth, was allegedly an appointed youth minister and later formally ordained, despite his “dangerous, atrocious and utterly intolerable conduct towards children.”
     “Michael Whitworth molested both girls on the premises of Mt. Pleasant Baptist,” according to the complaint. “Michael Whitworth also molested C.D. on the grounds of the adjoining cemetery. … Michael Whitworth also molested E.F. inside the church van during or after a church youth function. … Michael Whitworth also molested C.D. at the residence of Carl Whitworth and Marta Whitworth during an event on behalf of or sponsored by the Mt. Pleasant Baptist or The Trias Foundation.”
     The abuse allegedly occurred between 1998 and 2005.
     A Robertson County grand jury indicted Whitworth in September of 2011, according to the complaint.
     C.D. and E.F. seek exemplary damages from the Mount Pleasant Cemetery Association, the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, the Southern Baptist Convention, the Dallas-based Baptist General Convention of Texas, The Trias Foundation, and all three Whitworths.
     The complaint asserts allegations of assault, negligence and gross negligence. C.D. and E.F. are represented by R. Bruce Phillips with the Carlson Law Firm of San Antonio.

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