Portland Officials Aid Illegal Aliens, Man Says

     PORTLAND, Ore. – Mayor Tom Potter and City Councilmen Randy Leonard and Dan Saltzman are breaking federal and city laws by using tax dollars to fund a day laborer hire site for illegal aliens, Charles Wenning claims in his pro se complaint in Multnomah County Court.

     Wenning also claims that he was assaulted at the day laborer site on July 7 and 14, and that two of his cameras were damaged.
     Portland City Council approved funding for the VOZ Day Labor Hire Site on March 5. Supporters of the hire site say it will help protect laborers from unfair wages and poor working conditions. In a VOZ Website posting, VOZ’s Executive Director Romeo Sosa stated that a “highly visible and accessible Day Laborer Center will help to streamline the process of connecting day laborers and employers.”
     Wenning claims the site supports the hiring of illegal aliens and that the city officials “encourage illegal aliens to enter and reside in the United States.” Wenning seeks an injunction stopping operation of the labor site and Wenning demands that the city officials return the public funds spent on the site. He also seeks punitive damages and damages for the alleged assaults.

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