Portland Cops Break Law, Officer Says

     PORTLAND, ORE. (CN) – The Portland Police Bureau encourages officers to keep quiet about other officers’ misconduct, says a former officer who claims she was forced to quit because she reported that her training officer used excessive force, shoplifted and had a citizen get rid of evidence.

     Lindsey Hunt claims in Multnomah County Court that during field training with Officer Quency Ho, she saw Ho and other officers take food from a convenience store without paying.
     Hunt says that when she objected, Ho responded, “We’re the fucking police. Nobody cares. These scrote-bags don’t care.”
     Hunt also says she saw Ho attack a man and when she questioned him about it, Ho said, “Look, if no one knows about this we won’t get caught.”
     Hunt claims that Ho refused to bag a knife as evidence in a possible crime, but gave the knife to a witness to dispose of. Ho then allegedly told Hunt to “say the knife wasn’t found on the subject” in the police report.
     When Hunt reported Ho’s actions to superiors, she says they told her to “look the other way.”
     Hunt says Sgt. Bryan Parman told her to “keep your mouth shut if you want to keep your job.”
     Hunt says she felt unsafe after sergeants told her that officers wouldn’t respond to her calls for back-up because she reported misconduct.
     Represented by Dennis Steinman and Matthew Ellis with Kell, Alterman & Runstein, Hunt demands damages for conspiracy, negligence, wrongful firing, sex discrimination, whistleblowing violations and constitutional violations.

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