Pornographers|and Perverts

     Many of the anti-abortion fanatics are pornographers and perverts.
     They just love to talk about rape, and wombs and vaginas, and sperm and incest, and, as ee cummings put it, ofcoursegod.
     These people don’t give a good goddam about your children.
     They don’t even know your children.
     This crew claims it’s “immoral,” or God help us, Communist, to feed a hungry child – with government assistance. As if it were moral to let children go hungry, to suffer long and die early from malnutrition, if the government could fill children’s stomachs, and help them to grow up healthy and happier, by taxing us all a few pennies.
     I have a working knowledge of the laws of defamation, and you will notice, if you are still reading, that throughout this column I will not refer to, for instance, Phyllis Schlafly, who is still what we call alive, and whom I would never – Lord, no – accuse of being a pornographer.
     I am referring in general to people, particularly politicians, who get all worked up – who get into a public, foaming lather – at other people’s medical decisions.
     Right-wing pornographers pretend to be anti-government – though many of them are in government.
     That’s perverse.
     They say they want to limit government power, and reduce taxes, and so on: except when it comes to an excruciating decision that only a woman will ever have to make.
     In that case, the right-wing pornographers and perverts want the power to throw the women’s doctors in prison, and to shut down medical clinics for poor people who have nowhere else to go, if one of the doctors in a poor person’s clinic so much as mentions a medical procedure.
     They call it morality and “family values.” andofcoursegod.
     I call it pornography and perversion.
     Now, perversion need not refer to sex. One may pervert the intention of a law, for example, or pervert justice to one’s own end, and even pervert morality.
     Take these so-called ministers from that Baptist Church in Kansas who go around protesting homosexuality at the funerals of American soldiers who died in combat. These Baptist perverts claim that American soldiers die overseas, and that God likes that, and ordained it, because of the way some Americans have sex with people they love, in their own home.
     These so-called ministers, whom I will not befoul my mouth with naming, pervert morality, pervert American ideals, pervert their own religion: they pervert love and what it is to be human. And they claim that their perversion has nothing to do with themselves, but only with the way that other people are behaving.
     I could name a Russian guy – a Georgian, actually – and a German guy – an Austrian, really – who thought like that. And got other people to believe it. But we need not get into that now.
     America today, more and more, is dominated by right-wing pornographers and perverts who dress themselves up in the frilly dresses of morality and religion.
     Take what happened last week with that breast cancer group. The Susan Komen Foundation, which supports research on breast cancer, cut off funding for Planned Parenthood, the foremost direct provider of health services for poor women in America.
     The Komen people cited a Florida pornographer’s, excuse me, I mean a Florida Republican congressman’s “investigation” of Planned Parenthood, as their excuse to cut off funding.
     It was a back-door attempt to kill Planned Parenthood, because one of the many medical services Planned Parenthood provides, sometimes, in some circumstances, is abortion.
     This dishonest arm-twisting backfired, of course. Donations to Planned Parenthood quadrupled overnight, including, God bless him, $250,000 from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Then the vice president of the Komen Foundation, whose idea it was to cripple Planned Parenthood, resigned.
     Before joining the Komen foundation, this vice president ran unsuccessfully, as a Republican, for governor of Georgia.
     It’s fair to say that she joined the Komen Foundation to try to pervert it.
     Finding cures for breast cancers has nothing to do with whether victims of rape should have access to abortion, or whether families who are desperately poor and cannot feed the children they have already, should have access to medical services.
     Breasts are enlisted for action after a baby is born. Conception, contraception and abortion involve other body parts. All of it bubbles around in that murky pool called sex.
     Our right-wing pornographers ceaselessly, noisily, obnoxiously urinate their perverted morality into this pool, then hand us steaming cupfuls and tell us to drink it down. To drink it all.
     Now these car salesmen, exterminators, and oilmen who buy their way into Congress want to tell doctors how to practice medicine; they want to throw doctors in prison for practicing medicine – and for simply saying out loud, to a woman who is their patient, one way in which they might practice medicine.
     There is room for disagreement on sensitive topics such as abortion. It’s too bad that our public dialogue – if you can call it a dialogue – is controlled these days to such an extent not by doctors and women and families who face these painful decisions, but by sanctimonious right-wing pornographers and perverts.

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