SALT LAKE CITY – The receiver for the National Note of Utah Ponzi scheme seeks $2.3 million in alleged profits from it, in six federal complaints; click headline to see defendants.
     Here are the defendants and the amounts sought by court-appointed receiver R. Wayne Klein:
     Charles A. Howe and Carola D. Howe Family Trust; Charles A. Howe, individually and as trustee of the Charles A. &; Carola D. Howe; and Carola D. Howe ($1.6 million);
     Richard Schutte; Carol Schutte; The Carol & Richard C. Schutte 1995 Trust ($226,000);
     Fuller Family Foundation; and Theodore J. Fuller ($199,000);
     Kenneth Ford; Vivian Ford; and The 1996 Ford Family Trust ($155,000);
     Glendale M. Eaton, individually and as trustee of The G.M. & C.R. Eaton Living Trust; G.M. & C.R. Eaton Living Trust ($62,000);
     and Barbara R. Hoaglin; Barbara R. Hoaglin Childs Trust ($31,000).

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