Poll: Warren Wins on Favorability Among 2020 Candidates

Presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., speaks Monday, Sept. 3, in Hampton Falls, N.H. (AP photo/Elise Amendola)

(CN) – A poll released Thursday found voters view Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren most favorably of the other Democrats vying for the White House in 2020.

According to the NPR/PBS/NewsHour/Marist poll, Warren currently enjoys a net approval rating among Democrats and Democratic-leaning Independents of 64%, making her the most favorably viewed top Democratic candidate. Warren’s closest rival in the poll is former Vice President Joe Biden, who has a net approval rating of 49% – a sizeable 15-point deficit.

The poll found that when selecting a candidate, Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents prioritize electability and an ability to defeat President Donald Trump in the general election. Around 61% said electability is the most important factor to consider when selecting their candidate, while another 58% say having a party nominee that stands the best chance of winning the general election is their most important voting criteria.

Only 37% said their most important issue is having a candidate who can personally inspire them.

Meanwhile, approval for Trump has remained largely stable. Among nationally registered voters, 38% said they will vote for him, while 52% will vote against him. These numbers line up with those reported in July, when 39% said they planned to vote for him while 53% planned to vote against him.

Trump also currently reports the highest number of individuals who claim that they would support the boycotting of companies at the advice of their candidate. According to a Morning Consult/Advertising Week poll, while most Americans say they would not change their opinions or purchasing choices based on the suggestion of a political figure, those that say they would are more likely to be supporters of the president.

One in ten Americans said they would heed a Trump request to boycott a company. Senator Bernie Sanders’ supporters are second-most likely to do so at 8%.

These numbers are sure to play into the strategies of presidential hopefuls during Thursday night’s presidential debate, which over 80% of Americans claim they have plans to watch.

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